Highlights from WSASAS grad student events

By Hannah Cunningham

The 2017 WSASAS Graduate Student Mixer was a huge success! This mixer was located at both Sidestreet and Proof Distillers in Fargo, N.D. Students from across the section were able to visit about their programs and make new friends. There were 70 registered for the event! Tours of the distillery, pool games, and darts provided an enjoyable evening for everyone. We also would like to thank both establishments for making donations to the event as well as NDSU Carnivore Catering for their donations. Because of their contributions this event was a great success.

The WSASAS Graduate Student Lunch and Learn was attended by nearly 50 students. Dr. Mark Miranda, National Program Leader for the Animal Nutrition, Growth and Reproduction Division of Animal Systems presented, “Grant Writing Tips for Success: Ten Thing You Must Do.” Dr. Mirando also reviewed the NIFA Pre- and Postdoctoral fellowships program. Following this Dr. Jennifer Hernandez-Gifford, Dr. Shanna Ivey and Dr. Allison Meyer joined Dr. Mirando for a panel discussion. Students heard great advice on strategies for grant writing and left the lunch and learn inspired for our future grant writing endeavors.

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Update on WSASAS Grad Student Mixer

Dear WSASAS Graduate Students,

The Graduate Student Mixer on June 21st at 7:00 PM will be held at both Sidestreet and Proof Distillers (addresses below). They are located downtown right across from each other. Transportation will not be provided, but Fargo does have Uber and multiple taxi options.

We apologize for any confusion regarding location of the mixer. If you registered for the event be sure to get your free t-shirt at the registration desk. Additionally, we will be outside of Sidestreet at 7:00 PM to hand out free drink tickets to those registered for the event. Tickets are good for one free draft beer or well drink at Sidestreet.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions (hcunnin6@uwyo.edu or sprosser@nmsu.edu) .

We are looking forward to seeing you downtown!

Hannah and Stacia

Sidestreet Grille & Pub:  404 4th Ave., Fargo, ND 58102

Proof Artisan Distillers: 414 4th Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102

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Student events at Western

By Stacia Prosser and Hannah Cunningham

The 2017 WSASAS Section Meeting in Fargo, ND is hosting a number of student events we are greatly looking forward to.

This year’s Graduate Student Paper Competition will be held on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 from 7:55 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and has a record number of participants. This competition provides graduate students with an opportunity to develop their abilities to communicate scientific data in oral and written format. Judges individually score proceedings and oral presentations, and compile scores for the first, second, and third place participants. Students diligently prepare for these presentations, so be sure to attend and support your peers! Winners will be announced at the awards banquet the evening of Thursday June 22, 2017.

The Graduate Student Mixer on the evening of Wednesday June 21, 2017 will be held in downtown Fargo with drink specials at Sidestreet Grille & Pub and distillery tours at Proof Artisan Distillers. Registration for this event is $10, and includes a t-shirt to commemorate the event and covers your first drink at Sidestreet. Graduate Student Mixer attendees. Meet in Homewood Suites Lobby at 7:00 PM on 6/21/17.

The Graduate Student Lunch and Learn, “Grant Writing for Success,” will be held on Thursday, June 22, 2017, from 12:00-1:30 p.m. This session is only $10, includes lunch from Smiling Moose, and is open to all students. There are still some spots, so please register if you haven’t done so yet. Proficient crafting of grant proposals is valuable to both masters and doctoral students during their degree programs and critical for future success. Undergraduate students are also invited, and will benefit from an early introduction to the process and necessity of writing grants.

Dr. Mark Mirando from NIFA will begin with a talk entitled “Grant writing for success: Ten things you must do,” covering major points of grantsmanship and the NIFA Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships program. A panel discussion will follow with Dr. Mirando, as well as Dr. Allison Meyer from the University of Missouri, Dr. Shanna Ivey, and Dr. Jennifer Hernandez Gifford, both from New Mexico State University.

Also making an appearance this year will be a Recruitment Board. Opportunities for continuing industry, academia, or continuing graduate school will be posted here, so check the board to see what opportunities are available in your field. As you pack for 2017 WSASAS, bring your CV and post it here if you are seeking a position!

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Student events at Annual 2017

By Amanda Jones and Kelsey Phelps

Numerous student symposia and events will be held at the 2017 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show in Baltimore, MD. The student theme this year, “Fueling the Future,” will focus on energizing students as they aspire to become independent professionals, while encouraging life-long dedication to animal science.

The Graduate Student Symposium, entitled “Fueling the Future of Animal Science,” will be held on Monday, July 10, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. This symposium includes speakers from all career stages— academic and industry. Together, the speaker topics will encourage graduate students to broaden their involvement in animal science, provide valuable advice for career navigation, and highlight contributions for a bigger purpose in animal science. The symposium will conclude with an open discussion between speakers and students.

The speakers and titles are listed below.

Dr. Connie Larson, Zinpro Corporation — Committed to animal science: An industry perspective on the future of animal research and collaboration

Dr. Sarah Reed, University of Connecticut — Be the impact: A graduate student’s role in mentoring undergraduates in animal science

Dr. John Gonzalez, Kansas State University — Navigating pre-tenure: Strategies to establish a successful early career in animal science

Dr. Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University, ASAS Past President — Toward an impactful career: Integrating your passion for animal science with career choices and opportunities


The Undergraduate Lunch and Learn, “Fueling Future Animal Scientists,” will be hosted on Sunday, July 9 during the lunch hour. This lunch session is only $5 (please register for the meeting and this ticketed event before May 26). It will be an open discussion with animal science professionals from several different backgrounds and careers. The Lunch and Learn is geared toward undergraduate students who wish to pursue a career in Animal Science, but are unsure of all the different career avenues they could take. Dr. Jodi Sterle, Iowa State University, and Dr. Jay Daniel, Berry College, will share information about the current dynamics of students in Animal Science. Dr. Matt Ritter from Elanco Animal Health and Dr. Derris Burnett from Mississippi State University will discuss how they landed in their current careers. The lunch will end in a round table discussion to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions to help fuel their career aspirations in Animal Science.

Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to register for the 2017 Annual Meeting before May 26, 2017 for discounted rates!

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Now accepting WSASAS Grad Student Director nominations

Nominations are now open for Western Section ASAS Graduate Student Director. Nominations are due April 17, 2017.

• Powerful networking experience.
• Build leadership skills and opportunities.
• Develop prestige, as you will serve on the WSASAS Executive Board and the Advising and Coordinating Committee.
• Travel and expenses to Western Section meetings are covered.
• Provide a voice for fellow graduate students and peers.

This is a 2-year appointment that will require 5 – 20 hours per month (time will vary depending upon the time of the year).

• Plan and implement Graduate Student activities.
• Organize the Young Scholars Award Symposium.
• Create networking opportunities through organizing the Graduate Student Mixer.
• Initiate communication and discussion forums for Western Section graduate students.
• Post event and career information on the ASAS Graduate BULLetin.
• Serve and vote on meeting issues presented during Executive Board meetings.

Please send your nominations to Dr. Mike Salisbury (mike.salisbury@angelo.edu) by April 17, 2017.

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