Students compete in the first National Academic Quadrathlon

By Hanna Herdegen/ASAS Communications

Teams get scored on carcass evaluation during the lab practicum section of the Academic Quadrathlon

Tucson, AZ—Last weekend, teams of students from around the country met to compete in the first National Academic Quadrathlon.

The first two sections were hosted by the University of Arizona. So on Friday afternoon, the students traveled to Tucson and were treated to dinner at the Mountain Oyster Club, a historic restaurant established by local cattlemen.

On Saturday morning the students traveled to the University of Arizona to complete their written exam, working in groups of four to answer questions on animal agriculture. Afterwards, students moved through the stations of the lab practicum, where they were scored on the completion of tasks like carcass evaluation, feed identification, and creation of a vaccination program.

Thanks to the efforts of Dan Kiesling of the University of Arizona and a group of enthusiastic faculty and students, this leg of the Quadrathlon went smoothly. Even the weather decided to cooperate until the students were safely back in their vehicles for the return trip.

The students went on to compete in their oral presentations on Sunday morning, which were judged by incoming board members of ASAS.

This year’s competition is the first of its kind. Previously, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) held a national beef quiz bowl, but there was no national equivalent for the winners of the regional Academic Quadrathlons in the four sections of ASAS.

“We’ve been talking about this for forever,” says Jodi Sterle, an organizer for the National Academic Quadrathlon. “The kids would ask ‘what’s next?’”

So the universities got together, proposed the idea, and looked for sponsors.

They were successful.

The competition includes a written exam, lab practicum, oral presentation and quiz bowls

In this year’s Quadrathlon, students from Ohio State University, Penn State University, and Texas A&M have come to compete with the regional competitors from the Western Section of ASAS, who are having their regional Quadrathlon concurrently. The winners of the Sunday afternoon Western Section Quiz Bowl will go on to compete in the National Quiz Bowl on Monday night.

Many of the teams’ advisors expressed the importance of this opportunity for their students to get together with young animal scientists from around the country and to meet experts in their field.

Additionally, it’s just a lot of fun.

For those in Phoenix, please join us on Monday night after the ASAS Awards to support the students competing in the Quiz Bowl finals. Good luck everyone!

Thank you to our sponsors: ASAS, ASAS Foundation, CEV, Select Sires, and Block and Bridle.

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2 Responses to Students compete in the first National Academic Quadrathlon

  1. Dale — It’s good to hear from someone who has worked on AQ! I think this year’s competition went well! I will email you for more information.
    - Madeline

  2. Dale W. Weber says:

    I was not able to attend the ASAS meeting in Phoenix, but I have read the report regarding the AQ. It appears that it was a very successful event.

    During 1987-89, I served on an Academic Quadrathlon Committee along with Dr. Barbara Barton, Dr. John Mabry and Dr. Neal Merchen. Two of our assignments were to prepare a “Suggested Procedures and Guidelines for an Academic Quadrathlon”. We also organized the first Beef Quiz Bowl held at the NCA Convention in Nashville in 1990.
    I do have a file of materials from that time if that would be useful to those currently working on educational events at the JAM meetings and at the NCBA Conventions. Please contact me if anyone is interested.

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