Call for Zimbelman-Hafs Internship applications

Carilynn Gravatte during her 2010 internship in Washington D.C.

We are pleased to announce that the ASAS Foundation through the Zimbelman-Hafs Appreciation Club will fund the third Zimbelman-Hafs Public Policy Internship in the summer of 2013.


1) Provide experience regarding Washington, DC activities that affect animal agriculture.

2) Assist Washington, DC legislative, regulatory, or administrative activities to improve support for animal agriculture.

About the 2011 Zimbelman-Hafs Intern: Benjamin Williamson of the University of Arkansas was selected as of the 2011 Zimbelman-Hafs Scholarship recipient. After selection, Ben completed his internship in two places, the NMPF offices and Congressman Austria’s offices.

About the 2010 Zimbelman-Hafs Intern: Carolyn Gravatte of the University of Kentucky was selected as the 2010 Zimbelman/Hafs Scholarship recipient. After selection, Carolyn completed her internship in the Washington, DC offices of the American Meat Institute (AMI).

Applicant Eligibility:

1) Enrolled at the date of the application in a BS or MS program closely related with animal agriculture in an accredited college or university in the United States.

2) US citizen

Amount of Award: $3500

Term of Internship: 60 to 90 days, during the academic summer session.

Application Process:

Applications should include the following and be emailed to Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe at All completed materials must be received by December 7, 2012.

1) Resume or curriculum vitae.

2) A 1-page description of the applicant’s interest in the internship and plans for their future.

3) A writing sample: 1 page issue statement

4) Two letters of reference

Following receipt of all materials, materials will be reviewed and phone interviews will be scheduled in for December 20, 2012 for the top four candidates.

To help define scope of the internship, the following are the methods we will use to place an intern in a D.C. office:

The FASS Washington representative shall be principally responsible for placement of the Intern in a Washington office. The priorities for placement shall be;

1) A congressional committee with jurisdiction over agriculture, food safety or the environment.

2) The office of a congress person who is intimately involved with or a member of a congressional committee relating to animal agriculture issues.

3) An administrative office closely involved with animal agriculture such as USDA, EPA, or FDA.

Potential placement offices shall be asked to assign Interns to jobs that use their academic background such as;

1) Issues literature searches and research.

2) Draft briefs on an issue.

3) Identify scientists to provide expert testimony.

4) Attend hearings and provide reports.

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    Kindly assist us in finding funding for further education in animal sciences or animal agriculture. we would really appreciate this. I noted that this one is for US citizens

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