Episodes of The Animal Science Podcast:

Got a sweet tooth? Your gut may be to blame. In this podcast, researchers from the Monell Chemical Senses Center explain how taste receptors in the gastrointestinal tract may affect animal and human behavior.

Scientist creates heat stress app

A new tool could help farmers protect their herds from heat stress. In this podcast, Dr. Brad Scharf explains why he created the Thermal Aid app. Learn how he turned important data into a mobile app for producers.

Just a matter of swine

Did you know that Romans carried pigs to the battlefront? Or that early pig ancestors were bigger than cows? In this podcast, John McGlone, professor at Texas Tech University, shares his knowledge of the evolution, domestication and science of swine. Listen now

Does spray-dried egg belong in pig feed?

The high-quality protein and nutrients in chicken eggs can help young pigs stay healthy, says University of Illinois animal scientist Dr. Jim Pettigrew. He says using spray-dried eggs in pig diets could improve herd health and help producers make use of a common co-product. Pettigrew researched spray-dried eggs for a recent study published in the Journal of Animal Science.Listen now

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